Sara Collins

November 20, 2018

Sara Collins is one of our main CrossFit Instructors, she is a certified Level 1 CrossFit coach and a qualified teacher, having finished her degree in 2016. Sara first started CrossFit in 2009 to increase her strength and conditioning for Judo. As a member of the National Judo Team  CrossFit helped to give her a competitive edge, this is where her love of CrossFit began and in 2014 she was a part of the Judo Commonwealth Games Team.

Sara transitioned from Judo into MMA in 2015 and is an assistant MMA coach to our Wimp to Warrior team. Sara had her first professional Muay Thai fight in 2017 and is currently preparing for her next MMA fight. Sara lives and breathes all things that are MMA and CrossFit and she enjoys watching her students go from strength to strength.

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