We offer a variety of classes for kids including: Judo Foundation, Junior Judo, Judo Tots.


Judo Foundation

Judo Foundation classes will provide athletes with a solid technical basis which to leverage during the general Judo classes.  These classes are focused on teaching the key elements of judo and fine tuning technique.

Junior Judo

Junior Judo is for primary and high school students, the program will align to the four school terms.  These classes will be a combination of Judo foundations teaching the falls, throws and ground techniques to compete in Judo, combined with sparring.  The Junior Judo curriculum is designed to give the students the necessary skills to endeavour to achieve higher grades and compete in local competitions if they desire.

Judo Tots

Judo Tots start from the age of 5 and 6 and the class is a gross motor skills class where the Judo tots will be encouraged to, jump, roll, break-fall and run.  These classes are at the same time as the Saturday morning Crossfit class to give parents an opportunity to train whilst their little ones are being engaged in physical activity.

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