Judo incorporates throwing techniques, pins, arm locks, and choking techniques.  Judo provides the means for learning self-confidence, control, fine balance, and fast reflexive action.

Judo training gives a person an effective self-defence system if the need arises and is often a part of the training done by athletes preparing for MMA matches.

At Resilience Training Centre our 2 primary coaches Daniel Kelly and Maria Pekli have represented Australia in a combined total of 9 Olympic Games, a record that is not matched in any other Judo club in the country.

Five of the six Judo athletes selected to represent Australia at the London Olympics, club coaches were Daniel Kelly and Maria Pekli. Resilience Training Centre is affiliated with the Judo Federation of Australia (JFA) so that all athletes that meet the competition requirements may choose to compete in JFA sanctioned tournaments.

Resilience Training Centre offers both Foundation classes and Elite Competition classes and has a fully inclusive program that caters to all levels.

Our purpose built facilities include international standard Judo Mats and a sprung floor as well as full change rooms for early morning training. If you are looking to start Judo for the first time, returning after time away or wanting to add additional classes to your training schedule, we have a class for you.


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